Built for the rugged.

Our Story.

Jeremy and I have been hanging out for over 26 years (married for 20!) - yeah we look too young for that, we know. We have four insanely unique and amazing kids we love and adore.

We’ve poured hours into research on work at home side gig ideas. I love the idea of supplementing our income but still being available for our children and not missing any part of their lives. Jeremy has always been a doodler (understatement)…and he’s a pretty darn good one at that! I love that my mom tells people her son in law is an artist but claims to be a high school principal. This business venture has awakened his creative side. It makes my heart happy to see this spark in him and to tap into something that God has gifted him to do. 

Along our journey we’ve always talked about being able to give to others. I remember as early as our high school years (back in the 90s), Jeremy talking about how cool it would be to gift someone a car. This dream and desire have never wavered but life’s expenses and feeding four kids has taken priority. This business venture will help feed this desire. These three pieces have come together in what we hope and pray to become a beautiful picture of Christ’s love poured out. 
Every Burly Beard has a Story,